British Columbia Canada is in-arguably one of the best salmon fly fishing locations in North America, if not the entire world. British Columbia offers top notch, world class wet or dry fly fishing on hundreds of rivers. This province is truly a fly fisherman’s dream come true.

Steel head and salmon are anadromous fish, which implies they bring forth in freshwater waterways and streams, however then move to the sea where they develop extensive. When they achieve development they return back to their freshwater origination to bring forth.

There are five types of Pacific salmon local to North America: Chinook (ruler), coho (silver), sockeye (red), pal (pooch), and pink (humpy) salmon. Pacific salmon kick the bucket not long after they bring forth, and when they are near their generating time, they change shading and break down, making them ugly as game fish.

Then again, when Pacific salmon first enter new water (or while still adrift) they are “new”: they don’t just have producing on their brains they still forcefully assault flies. Their long relocation’s have not yet exhausted their vitality stores and they are still solid warriors, making them fantastic fly-bar targets.

Sockeye salmon are typically viewed as the best-tasting salmon, yet they feast upon microscopic fish and other little nourishment things adrift and don’t respond as absolutely to flies as some other salmon species.

Chinook and coho salmon are the most looked for after as game fish. Chinook are the biggest of the salmon family—their size and animal quality are their best quality. Coho or silver salmon for the most part travel and hold in shallower water, take flies close to the surface, and they hop like trout when they are snared, making them the most energizing and alluring (to fly fishers) of all the salmon species.

Steel head are a beach front assortment of rainbow trout that move to the Pacific Ocean, then come back to freshwater to bring forth much like salmon. Be that as it may, steelhead don’t bite the dust after they bring forth and all the more vitally don’t break down like salmon, making them superb gamefish even weeks or months after they enter new water.

Steel head have the measure of a salmon (aside from Chinooks), the battling nature of a rainbow trout, and they are wonderful fish regardless of whether they are crisp, chrome-brilliant fish from the sea, or they have a wide, intense red stripe. They may be the most energizing freshwater fish on the West Coast—particularly in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Some of the best salmon fishing British Columbia can be found in more remote locations.

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